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    Warwick PAL/Babe Ruth Teams of been Updated

    To all,

    The Wawick PAL/Babe Ruth Team Names have been updated with their sponsor name. Please note, no changes were done with the schedule  other than the name change.


    Breaking News -- Warwick will be part of our Fall league

    We will be having cross over games with Warwick Pal/Babe Ruth this Fall. In addition to 4 teams, Warwick will be having 3 teams to play us in cross over games this fall.

    CBRL Board


    The rules and regulations governing the operation of the Coventry Babe Ruth League have been developed to provide a safe, fair and enjoyable baseball season for all eligible players interested in baseball.  All comments and suggestions for improvement are welcomed and encouraged.  


    Coventry Babe Ruth welcomes our newest Sponsor:

    Warwick Tree Service


    Coventry Babe Ruth welcomes our newest Sponsor:

    Ocean State Credit Union

    Coventry Babe Ruth welcomes our newest Sponsor:

    Twisted Pizza

    Sponsored by Coventry Lions

    Coventry Lions

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    Sponsored by GT Safety Products

    GT Safety Products

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    Sponsored by Greene Developement, LLC

    Greene Developement, LLC

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    Sponsored by Inman & Tourgee Law

    Inman & Tourgee Law

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    James Spearman

    Coventry Babe Ruth League - President

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